Modern technology combined with a tried and true team.

If your attorney or law firm is not using modern technology, you have to ask yourself: Why?

With the time and costs that plague the legal profession, why are attorneys not investing in their client’s happiness and their own peace of mind? And if they are not making this investment, you should consider a law firm that is.

Flinn Law Northwest Technology

Imagine an app to boost transparency and streamline processes with your legal team.

At Flinn Law Northwest, we never stop searching for innovative ways to serve our clients, provide opportunities, and grow our business. We are proud to foster a culture of innovation and change. We stay ahead of the curve, continually exploring and integrating new technologies to broaden our services and improve the client experience.

We stand by this commitment of prioritizing our clients by using user-centric apps that boost transparency and streamline processes.

Our focus on this cutting-edge technology is not driven by novelty, but by our commitment to providing accessible, efficient, and effective legal representation.

Get real-time access to case updates as a Flinn Law Northwest client.

We understand the legal process can oftentimes be a long and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Since we integrate modern technology and transparent software into our firm, we can share our client’s case with them from beginning to end in real-time.

With this app, we can communicate with our clients whenever and wherever needed. Our clients are always in the know about where their case is in the process. This is a unique benefit of working with us, one not found in many other Oregon-based law firms.

Our use of technology unifies communication and collaboration solutions to guarantee an open and honest relationship with our clients by ensuring they have the needed visibility into their case to make educated decisions.