Not just building a firm.

Building a legacy.

Our Vision, Your Firm

Flinn Law Northwest

Just as a home isn’t just a house, Flinn Law Northwest isn’t just a law firm. It is our legacy. It is a commitment sealed with our name, and a community statement that will last longer than our lifetime. It’s a shelter and a haven for our clients, as many are going through the most difficult time in their lives. It is also a place that will give future generations of clients the opportunity to receive the same high-quality, ethically sound legal service at an affordable price that we deliver today.

Our Story

We believe that when passion, determination, and talent align, there is little to stop anyone from being successful in whatever path they pursue. When you multiply that by two, and work as a solid team towards the same goal day in and day out, the possibilities are endless.

Flinn Law Northwest

Mike brings the expert legal experience to Flinn Law Northwest. With almost 30 years of trial experience as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and civil litigator, Mike is fortunate to have tried over 275 jury trials. He knows how jurors think; how judges make decisions; and how to present evidence and arguments that create a successful result. Not every case goes to trial, but Mike’s expertise allows him to guide his clients to the best possible conclusion, whether negotiating your matter to settlement or taking your matter to court.

Following our commitment to helping people in difficult times, Mike expanded Flinn Law Northwest’s practice to include estate planning. Mike knows our clients work hard and that with a little bit of effort and at a surprisingly affordable cost, they can relax knowing that they and their loved ones will be properly protected.


Rachelle has a strong background in business consulting, technology, and advertising. She has consulted for various corporations including national healthcare organizations and insurance companies. She has lent her business expertise to many start-ups and helped dozens of others grow. Her talent is envisioning growth in businesses and her passion is making it happen.

At Flinn Law Northwest, Rachelle’s focus and priority is creating and maintaining great relationships with our clients. She makes sure our team always strives for total satisfaction. She ensures the backbone of our firm is expert legal knowledge, strong firm management, organized and controlled processes, and excellent client communication.

Together, we create a legal experience for our clients in a manner rarely found in the legal profession, because we believe that everyone deserves fair, informed representation backed with a passion to help the people in our community.

Our Promise

Our promise to our clients, to our community, to our family, and to future generations of clients are the values and principles we stand behind every day. That’s why we put our name on this firm.

We will offer and provide high-quality, ethically sound legal services at an affordable cost. We will be committed to customer satisfaction, long-term relationships, uncompromising client services, and high ethical standards. We will value each relationship we build, provide ongoing communication, stay connected, and treat all with the respect they deserve.

We know leaving a legacy isn’t about accomplishing great feats or winning once-in-a-lifetime cases. It requires having a strong awareness of ourselves and a conviction in our firm’s values and guiding principles, so as we grow and evolve, our values will guide our direction and we will move forward with purpose.

With this in mind, we will keep improvement at the forefront of our minds and seek out ways to teach our legacy to our team. We will show up each day and lead by example upholding our vision, our principles, and our values so our legacy will be carried on.

Long after we are gone, our firm will continue to deliver legal representation for clients while providing a haven as they are going through the most difficult time in their lives.

Mike and Rachelle  Flinn

Our Location

After living and practicing law in various areas of the Pacific Northwest, we found the welcoming town of Albany, Oregon was the place to build our home, our firm, and our legacy. Its roots run deep. As native Oregonians, ours do too.

Albany is in the heart of the Willamette Valley, located right off Interstate 5, with the Willamette River flowing through it. The town has a strong sense of community; the residents are friendly, the business community strong, and the sense of possibilities endless. It is a location that cultivates our purpose, inspires our spirit, and moves our hearts.

By being in Albany we can fulfill our principle of offering our clients affordable, state-wide, high-quality legal services. Our experience and skills enable us to offer big-city legal services in smaller communities located nearby at a small-town price.

Flinn Law Albany Bridg